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Mu San Cristobal y Nieves

  • Country : San Cristobal y Nieves
  • Version : 1.09A
  • Exp : 5000x
  • Vip Exp : 9999x
  • Reset Level : 320,350,400
  • Drops : 40%
  • Bless Bug : OFF
  • Mobs HP : 100%
  • Server 1 PVP : Online
  • Server 2 No PVP : Online
  • Server 3 VIP : Online


  • Accounts : 66931
  • Characters : 98586


  • 4194700


Mu Online San Cristobal y Nieves Season 6 EP3

Now with New Improved Web and options
Posted in April 1 2013
Mu Online Server - Mu Online LA San Cristobal y Nieves Now offers a different experience.

Since the server is updated and offer the package of the new Power Pack and all of Set and most comprehensive spot for all players, is ready to reload cash donations through paypal and remember everything you want to buy on this server is through cash only have to recharge your donations at approved centers Mu Nemesis or via PayPal.

Direcciones para recargar Cash Mu Online LA

Simple Cyber Corporacion  

Calle 13 entre Carreras 25 y Av.Venezuela casa numero 25-26 Barquisimeto Edo Lara Venezuela, Frente al Porton Negro preguntar por recarga de cash.

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Server capacity

Software :
Database  : MYSQL Version 5.00
Server  : Simple Mu Emulator 1.8 (1.08A)
WEB  : Simple Cyber ASP Server Ver 2.50
Router  : PEP Link
HardWare :
Connection  : 100Mbps , 100Mbps
Server  : Intel Quad HT XEON 3.0GB,200GB
Memory  : 16GB
UPS  : Smart Online Protection

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